Due to varying circumstances Basenjis are sometimes in need of rescue either in Victoria or elsewhere in Australia.

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Please Note: I am unable to offer this service at the moment due to increased work commitments. Until I am able to devote sufficient time to this service again please direct all "rescue " enquiries to the Basenji Breed Clubs around Australia. Links can be found at the bottom of this page : In the meantime the information found on this page is still current.

° If you need to re-home your Basenji °

The first step is to contact the breeder of your Basenji.

Most responsible registered breeders have had years of experience with Basenjis & may be able to offer some valuable advice to help you deal with your particular problem or they may be able to help you find a suitable home for your dog. Even if they are not in a position to help they may be able to point you in the right direction & most breeders like to keep track of the puppies they produce. If you can't remember or find your dogs breeder please contact the Basenji Club in your state as they should be able to help locate them.

Basenji Clubs In Australia

If you need advice to help you deal with a problem that may be making it difficult for you to cope with your dogs behaviour please look through this website link below for advice.
: - Can We Help You To Keep Your Pet -

If you still need help to re-home your Basenji please contact us and give us as much information as you can. Include the reason that you need to re-home your Basenji and as much information about your dogs personality, health and behaviours as you can. Please be honest. No judgements will be made and it greatly assists us in finding the most suitable home and right fit for your dog. We want to do the best thing for the dog, first and foremost.

Basenji - The barkless dog from Africa

I have been in a position to be able to help Basenjis in need since early 1998 and have been able to successfully re-home about 50 Basenjis bred by other breeders Australia wide during that time. Many thanks to all those families who have opened their hearts and their homes to these dogs in need.

Before deciding to adopt a Basenji we ask that you research the breeds characteristics & read the information about the breed on this website and elsewhere so that you are fully aware of the nature and temperament of the Basenji breed and know what to expect.

Basenjis can be a challenging breed and are therefore not the right breed for everyone. They are a strong willed breed, are not obedience orientated, need secure fencing and cannot be trusted off lead.

We also encourage you to contact your local Basenji club for advice & support.


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